Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Storage Option

Kitchen Storage Option

Kitchen features and design decisions can last for twenty years or more, so they are important to get right first time. Taking time to consider the best fit for your family and in terms of how you use the space – do you have young children you want to raise in the home, do you entertain friends and family often, do you end tend to spend more time in the kitchen than other room in the house? Take a look at these kitchen design ideas for ecological options.


Kitchen Design Ideas for the Family Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s where the family talk, eat, make messes and connect with one another. It’s also one of the most redecorated rooms in the home, according to The National Association of Home Builders.

Choosing to build or remodel with sustainably in mind can help families reduce their carbon footprint and create a healthier home. Home energy accounts for 19 percent of a family’s total environmental impact, and the kitchen uses a large portion of energy in most homes, as well as a sizeable amount of water. By selecting the right eco-friendly materials, low-flow faucets, and efficient appliances, a family can reduce energy use and utility costs. As an added bonus, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the construction process can improve indoor air quality.


Brand Profile: Oikos

Oikos designs and manufactures tailor-made safety doors with high performance and a refined design. Established in 1990, the company is now a market leader in the high-end segment.


Supplier Profile: CAST Staircases

CAST was established in the 70’s and developed in the 80s as a stairs’ manufacturer. CAST Staircases now cover a surface of 85000 square metres and distributes across the national territory. In addition, CAST also sell staircases to France, Belgium, Spain, Canary Islands, England, Malta, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, China, Ghana and California.


Supplier Profile: Garofoli Group

Founded by Fernando Garofoli and his sons, the company have been trading for nearly 50 years. The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors, with particular emphasis on solid wood doors, and we are proud to use their products. (more…)

Identifying Dry Rot in your Home

identifying dry rotDry Rot, which can also be known as Serpula lacrymans is a fungus, which destroys wood, using it as a food source.  Dry rot is famous for eating away at wood and timber in ships and buildings, and can occur almost everywhere in the world.

It is a result of wood or timber repeatedly becoming wet and then partially drying out. Over a period of time under the same conditions, Dry Rot will grow very successfully until treated.


Dry Rot Treatment Measures

Dry Rot is notorious for affecting any wood that is repeatedly exposed to water. Depending on the cause of the exposure (leaks or weather inflicted), the fungus may affect window frames, doors and furniture.

Treatment costs will vary depending on the extent of damage  – typically uninhabited buildings with leaks over a long period of time will have extensive damage, and be costly to repair. Dry Rot treatment measures are below:

Dry Rot repairDIY Repair

Dry Rot can be repaired easily, if caught early. See our free guide to Dry Rot, including identification and DIY repair here.

Calling in the experts

However, if you find that the stability of the windows is affected by Dry Rot, it’s best to contact an expert. This is important, as if the Dry Rot is incorrectly repaired, it may spread through materials and cause further damage.

Unchecked Dry Rot will damage the integrity of wooden windows and furniture, and can cause structural damage to a home. It’s best to get an estimate of the damage from an expert, and do some research on new material to with your expert.

For more information on identifying, repairing and preventing Dry Rot, download our free guide here:

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What is Dry Rot anyway?

Hurds windows dry rotWe know that Dry Rot can affect most any home and leave much damage in its wake. Having Dry Rot in your home can leave you with many questions, so we’ve put together a few answers explaining what is Dry Rot.


5 Things You Need To Know About Dry Rot

Dry Rot can cause a lot of problems in a home, and be expensive to repair.

To help you identify Dry Rot and repair the damage, we’ve put together a fact sheet on the five top things you need to know about Dry Rot.


3 Keys to Preventing Dry Rot in Your Home

Dry Rot, which can also be known as Serpula lacrymans is a fungus, which destroys wood, using it for food. Found almost globally, dry rot is famous for eating away at wood and timber in ships and buildings. However, it can cause real damage to your home in areas left exposed.

Since Dry Rot is actually a result of water leaking regularly on to wood, wooden frames of windows tend to be the most commonly affected by the fungus. Learning how to preventing Dry Rot is one key factor in keeping your home healthy and safe.